Exploring Your Care Home Options: Board and Care Homes VS. Assisted Living Facility


Are you exploring between board and care homes and assisted living facilities? We can help you make the right decision. From understanding the differences to pointing the pros and cons, here’s a closer look at your care options:

General Difference

  • Board and Care Homes
    Board and care facilities run for 24 hours. They are licensed to provide accommodation and assistance on daily living activities like bathing, dressing, and medication management through the aid of their care staff. Unlike nursing homes and some other care facilities, board and care facilities do not provide on-site medical care and/or skilled attention.
  • Assisted Living Facility

    Assisted living facilities are similar to board and care homes but with the added on-site medical care. These care homes can be considered as a prelude to nursing homes.Aside from their skilled care provision, other key difference of an assisted living facility involves the number of beds on premise. Board and care homes can accommodate fewer residents with lower staff to resident ratio, unlike assisted living facilities that cater to a larger community of seniors.

Resident Eligibility

Generally, seniors looking for ways to thrive independently and safely in a home-like atmosphere will find themselves interested in both care homes. However, it’s important to note their specific differences:

  • Board and Care Home
    There’s more freedom in board and care homes as their days are less structured. With their small communities and lower staff to resident ratio, they may seem more fit to individuals with dementia or depression.
  • Assisted Living Facilities
    There are many activities and programs scheduled every day, making seniors feel more engaged and interested in their daily living. They’ll find themselves having more options to spend their time either individually or communally with their resident community.

Senior Assisted Living Homes in California aim to provide wellness. With their in-house medical attendants, they can monitor an individual’s health concern up to a certain level. Caregivers are more hands-on and provide round-the-clock assistance to accommodate their residents’ care needs.

Seniors who can benefit from 24-hour assistance but are not fully dependent may be a good fit for an assisted living facility. While each type of care homes has its own unique amenities, many find that assisted living facilities provide more features and better conveniences than others. This helps in making seniors thrive healthily and happily in place.


Board and Care Homes

  • Advantages

    1. More home-like family setting
    2. Personalized care with fewer staff to resident ratio
    3. Relaxed and unstructured environment
    4. Constant attention from the same care attendant
    5. More cost-effective than other care options

  • Disadvantages

    1. Fewer activities
    2. Less stimulation for seniors
    3. Less social opportunities

Assisted Living Facilities

  • Advantages

    1. Maintained independence and privacy
    2. Assistance with daily living activities
    3. Flexible to a resident’s changing care needs
    4. More opportunities to socialize
    5. More options and activities to do daily
    6. More amenities and features
    7. Lower cost than nursing facilities

  • Disadvantages

    1. Longer transition process as residents have to adjust to the community and policies
    2. Inability to provide extensive medical attention unlike in nursing homes

Are you considering Senior Care Homes in Sacramento, California?

The decision to move your seniors into a housing community is a difficult one. Thus, it’s very important for you and your seniors to have an honest discussion about living preferences. Allow us to help you make the right choice. Contact Mother Virginia and Mommy Se Senior Care Homes at 916-801-8917 for more details.

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