7 Simple Ways to Show Our Grandparents How Special They Are


We face life with the intentions of getting things done and calling it a day. Some of us just love to get the productivity level high even at wee hours. Sometimes, we just forget to show our grandparents how much they mean to us. We age fast that we forget to slow down and enjoy the people and moments we have now.

Our grandparents will not always be around to encourage us, make us feel loved, reprimand us when we need their wisdom. At Mother Virginia and Mommy Se Senior Care Homes, Senior Care Homes in Sacramento, California, we have come with these simple reminders for you and your loved ones. Let us remember these simple ways to show our love to our grandparents, and do them by heart:

  • Remind them. May it be their doctor appointments or taking their medication, give them a gentle reminder. Even with simply asking if they’ve eaten or if they need anything from the store, send a word to them. When we do this, it gives our grandparents the sense that we pay attention to them and their needs.
  • Spend small moments with them. May it be watching a great movie or checking on them when they are gardening, spend small moments with them. Always have the moment to say ‘bye’ before you leave for work or school. Do the same when you get back home. Always know they would appreciate your affection.
  • Share your day with them. We go through our days happily or stressfully. They would always be happy to know how our days went. They may also have wisdom to share during their younger days that you might need.
  • Grab something they like from the store. Getting them something that reminds you of them shows you remember them at all times. This makes them feel special. May it be a favorite treat or a small gift, they would love it coming from you.
  • Give them a hand with what they are doing. If they are having a hard time reaching objects or something is too heavy for them, always be ready to lend a hand. This is a simple act of care and love for their well-being.
  • Listen to them. Our grandparents are filled with wisdom and knowledge. They have gone on adventures we may never could have imagined. These little things may teach us a thing or two in life. This also opens a new door to us about them, more than we know them now. May it be stories of their days, or lessons we need in life – they will always be a part of knowing our grandparents deeper. This gives a sense of belonging for them, knowing we are interested and we find importance in what they have to say.
  • Tell them you love them. These are the words we don’t always say. We grow up and think we are too mature to be sweet and soft. Yet, these are words that would warm the heart of our grandparents, and parents as well. Don’t forget to give them these words on a regular basis.

May we love and care for the people in our lives the best we can. If you are in search of Senior Assisted Living Homes in California, you have come to the right place! Go to our website now at

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